For Buyers

When will I get my Download?

After payment – straight away sent to the email address you registered with!

Whats the difference between a personal and a commercial template?

Each seller will apply their own terms to their templates, but ultimately a personal template can normally only be used for personal or private use and cannot be used to sell designs derived from the template. A commercial template generally allows you to use the design to create items for sale

How do I report a problem?

Quickest way to get in touch with us is via email  

How do I become a seller?

Easy! Make sure you have something to sell 🙂 then visit this link for all you need to know Become a Seller . You can register from this page too.

How do I contact a seller?

You will need to go to a sellers shop, by clicking on their shop name on the right hand side of the item listing. You will then see a button “Contact Seller” within the sellers shop. Make sure you are logged in!

For Sellers

What happens if I'm asked for a refund?

If the item is a downloadable template – the seller isn’t entitled to a refund unless the template is different from the description or faulty. Confirm why the customer is asking for a refund and if it is due to the reasons above – then refund via PayPal. We can then refund the commission charged on the sale.

How can I view my shop?

Under “My Account” you will find your SELLER DASHBOARD. Here you will see a link to you store which you can click on or share – or a nice big button 🙂

How do I add a profile picture?

Under “My Account” you will find your SELLER DASHBOARD. Here you will see a link to edit your PROFILE where you can add a profile picture. It is a great idea to use your logo if you have one.

How do I add commercial and personal terms?

Dandelion Alley allows you to insert your appropriate commercial and personal template terms within your STORE PROFILE in the SELLER DASHBOARD. By doing so it will display on each one of your items without the need to re-type it for every listing.

How do I list a product to sell?

If you need some guidance on creating a listing – take a look at our Listing Guide Page

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