Sugar skull template

Size a4 sugar skull papercutting template available as both personal or commercial use, feel free to resize and add personalisation, feel free to cut it by hand or machine, feel free to burn it into wood or embroider please do not use the image or your finished cut to sell merchandise, as prints or cushions, t-shirts etc, please remember to credit me the designer when showing your finished works.

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For personal use ONLY. What does this mean? Cut them out and congratulate yourself on a good job done. Pop it on your bathroom/lounge/hall/shed wall. Frame it and give it away to a friend/parent/postman. You may use the final cuts to raise funds for charity, but please clearly state the charity and chuck credit for the design my way under each photo you display. Feel free to show off your final cuts made from this template, but again please give me design credit. Please do not attempt to change/add o the design in any way other than to enlarge or shrink, please do not attempt to make money from this design in any way thank you.
The commercial licence is intended for paper cuts only and you are not permitted to reproduce these designs in any other format without prior permission from myself. If you would like to produce one of my designs in any other medium then please contact me first to arrange a specific licence. This template is for commercial use, so you are permitted to sell any cuts that you make from the templates. You may change the size of the template as you see fit, but you may not alter the design in any way. Commercial use is intended for small businesses only and you are restricted to producing no more than 100 cuts of each design. You are not permitted to show, sell, swap or gift the templates. The templates remain the property of Louise Dyer Paperlace. You are not permitted to use my photographs. You must credit Louise Dyer Paperlace whenever you show or sell your finished cuts. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance.

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