Christmas Cats Advent Panel

Christmas Cats!
Personal & Commercial Use Template

The template must only be used for hand cut papercuts, and Fennie Designs must be credited at all times, when you show off your cut, especially on Social Media.
You are permitted to sell or gift the final piece.

Along with this sheet, you will receive a PDF document containing the basic template for the Christmas Cats Design. You will also receive a greyscale photocopy of the final piece I produced.

By giving you the basic template, I am giving you free rein on how you finish the piece. You can leave it just as the basic cut, or you could infill the backing, embellish and decorate your own layers on top, or even add other flares such as paint or pencils etc. The choice is yours! The photocopy should help you with the extra details, especially on the cats bodies, that I added after creating the template.
Once you have cut the template, be sure to take a couple of photocopies so that you can use them to help you with infills and embellishments!

The whole idea of giving you the basic template, is to give you the chance to express yourself and end up with something that is truly unique to you.
It’s a labour love, but will be so worth it.
I cannot wait to see what you create!

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