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Dandelion Alley is a marketplace allowing you to sell your own digital templates. You can also sell physical items such as prints, cuts, supplies and more.

Selling is straight forward. When you register you simply create your own shop – then fill it with as many downloadable templates, or physical crafts as you like.



Listings are Free

List as many items as you want – for free. Forever.

15% Flat Commission for all products

We will work out the commission and pay you the rest directly into your PayPal account. Easy!



How does it work?

Create your own store

After you have registered you will have access to a “Seller Dashboard”. Here you can add your own shop banner, a bit about yourself and profile picture. You will be able to track available items and orders as well.

Uploading items

Within the “Seller Dashboard” you can quickly add items to the site to sell. Adding tags to the product will make them easier for people to find. From here you can also edit the product or remove it from sale if you need to.

Commercial and Personal Terms

If you wish, you can add the terms that will apply if a template is personal or commercial. You only need to add this once then it will show on all of your listings automatically.

Getting Paid

Payments are made automatically following a purchase directly to your PayPal account. You will of course require a PayPal account to ensure this happens. All payments are subject to the normal PayPal fees.

Still not sure about something?

See the FAQ or Contact Us


The name of your shop - this will be displayed under each of your items. Make sure you are happy with the name as it cannot be changed once you register.

NOTE: This can include spaces!
Please enter your registered PayPal email address. Enter again if same as user email.
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